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Majic Roundnose
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This original design was introduced in January 1997, following the launch by Rover of the 97 spec Mini and the use of the Sportspack Arches. It represented our creation of the "Sportpack" derived bodykit concept as copied by a multitude of suppliers since. The whole kit was modular, in that customers could select whichever elements they required, from just the arches, arches and sideskirts, or the entire kit. The original concept was that the kit could either be used with the Original sportspack arches or with the new cut down Majic ones.

This kit has been by far our most successful kit, and have currently sold well in excess of 7000 kits. It consists of the conventional 8-piece arrangement of: Front bumper, rear bumper, sideskirts, and four wide arches. The arches are based upon Rover Sportpack arches (modified and shortened), which were introduced, to cover 13ís when Rover eventually started fitting them. The sideskirts were designed to bridge the gap between the front and rear arches, and represent a combination of LAMM skirts and Escort Cosworth ones!

Our experience with the LAMM kit immediately told us that this was the way to fit Mini kits, and it is this method of fitting that we used for the Majic kit, with return flanges on the arches, and the bumpers and skirts sitting on the flanges, and bolting up into the arches. The Lamm style kits date back to the late 1980's meaning that it was a well tried and tested way of fitting the arches.

The front bumper returns to the Mk6 Escort since the bumper is based entirely upon the bumper fitted to the more expensive models - the vents have hardly even been changed, but look so perfect on the little mini. The rear bumper is based upon - you guessed it, an Escort one although this time the vent was modified, and went through many revisions, as the first version did not look quite right. This bumper has the facility for standard fog lights to be hidden behind the odd shaped cut-outs giving the impression of the new fashion for odd shaped, and expensive lights at almost no cost to the customer. If you have fog lights already then there really is no cost!!

This kit is fitted in almost exactly the same way as the Lamm, with wheel arch returns, bolted to the car, and the front and rear bumpers bolted to the arches. The front bumper has an additional mounting under the front grill, and the side skirts can be fitted to the floor due to large returns.

The Original Majic kit was introduced in excess of twelve months before others copied the kit and the concept. The kit for the Van, Estate and Pick-up was introduced approximately eighteen months before others introduced versions for these variants. The awesome Majic wide has never as far as we are aware been copied, but does need big wheels to fill the big arches.

The kit is available in standard version (5.5 x 13 to 7 x 13 wheels), for Saloon, Clubman, Pick-up, Estate, and Van plus an extra wide version (round nose only) for very wide wheels (around 6 inches from standard metalwork).

Bonnets for both the Roundnose and Clubman were introduced some time later, along with the famous Majic mirrors and of course the Majic spoiler which fits all but the Pick-up, Van and Estate.

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