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When the various combinations of Mini bodykit are taken into consideration our range currently includes 51 different Mini Bodykits.

Each kit is very different in the way that it fits, its style and ultimately the difficulty level of the fit. It must be remembered that the Mini was never designed with "conventional bumpers" and so fitting a kit is somewhat more involved than simply replacing the bumper, on a more modern car.

However time is the main requirement, and not necessarily experience or equipment. If you do experience any problems then we are easy to contact and have fitted every product we sell numerous times.

Please do not be misled by competitors whom tell you that their bodykit fits straight onto the car, and no-one else's kits do!! We have more experience than almost all our competitors put together, and can tell you that the only people to make such claims are either trying to sell you a kit, or have never done the job themselves. Each Mini is a different size and shape - no kit will ever be a precision fit in the same way that can be achieved on a BMW or other modern car. They are not difficult to fit, but take more time than most modern cars.

Each kit is rated from one spanner, which is the easiest to fit, to three spanners which is for advanced customers only.

Many kits can be fitted using piping between the kit and the car, using silicone sealer between the kit and the car. All can be fitted using the preferred method of seamless flush fitting by fitting/bonding, and then filling the joints.

All kits can be fitted to cars weather they have been de-seamed or not. Many kits are our own unique designs, whilst others are improved replicas of the most common kits. All are made to a high standard.





Some bodykits are designated as special order - for full details please view the terms page available from the top of every page. 


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