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We are pleased to announce that we are now the UK's leading lambo door specialist. For your convenience we now offer numerous different Lambo Door Kits (also known as Vertical Door Conversions, Diablo Doors, Vertical Door Kits, Scissor Doors.) These kits allow pretty much any car to have vertical lift doors - this is the accessory for 2006 - and at these prices it would be a shame not to! Lambo doors offer far more impact and are more simple to install than any bodykit on the market!

Decah fitted to Civic in just 3 hours The Lambotek kit fitted to a BMW Z3
  Look for the Cover of Revs recently for Peugeot 206 featuring kit supplied by us.


Lambotek Kits.

We now offer a large range of Lambotek kits. These are absolutely the best kits we know of anywhere in the World. They are cheaper because most of the other kits are bought in and are simply overpriced. The Lambotek kit is we believe the best made of the kits listed here and is the only kit that is suitable for Daily use. It is also the only kit that is designed specifically for the UK market.

Universal kits are available for both weld-on applications (if your hinges are welded) and bolt-on applications (if your hinges unbolt), as well as a growing range of dedicated fit kits.

  • UK Manufactured Kit.

  • UK Designed Kit.

  • All Machined parts CAD CAM and CNC made to precision tolerances.

  • All steel CNC cut for accuracy.

  • Kits use very high power rams - more powerful than anything else we have seen (each ram will lift 300 Kg).

  • Kits use adjustable Rams so they can cope with your door build, speakers, etc, and can be adjusted to perfectly balance your door.

  • Kits available with shielded Rams to prevent dirt ingress and inevitable failure.

  • We use slimline rams to fit under European car wings.

  • Rams are correctly mounted as per manufacturers specifications - some competitors products use the Ram upside down which prevents correct lubrication of the seals.

  • Main Pivots use bearings  for very long wear free life.

  • Main Pivot Bearings can be stripped and re-greased if necessary  for long life and easy maintenance.

  • Kits have front mount for increased stability.

  • Adjustable PLO (Pre Lift Opening) to suit every application.

  • Adjustable lower stop for correct application.

The most popular kits we sell are the UK produced Lambotek kits. This range of kits has been specifically developed over the past 48 months for European cars. The design is slightly slimmer, and the door opens slightly further, both of which are essential on smaller European cars. This kit is the best option if you have welded hinges - most Fords, Vauxhalls, BMWs, Peugeots, Citroens,,,. Part of the kit is welded to the car, and the kit bolted to it. This is a welded on kit that will take at least 10 hours to fit. It can not be removed later, and the welded section requires painting after (although this is inside the wing and out of sight). Standard Pricing Policy means a very affordable kit at just 750 inc vat and post or 1700 fully fitted .

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