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Z3 Lambo Kit

Our dedicated fit Lambo Door conversion for the BMW Z3 fits coupe and convertible and has just finished final testing. Although the kit is a bolt on kit, because the original hinges are welded to the car and have to be cut off the conversion is essentially non-reversible. The Arm must be welded as part of the installation. This kit has been extremely difficult to design due to the shape of the car - the only restriction is that because of the shape of the bonnet you cannot open the bonnet and doors at the same time.

We have put a lot of development into these kits - please do not confuse them with modified Civic kits which you may see elsewhere. These kits are absolutely the best available - at any price.

  • The kits include bearings which do not wear.

  • The kits are accurately made in Jigs.

  • All parts are CNC machined and Laser cut.

  • Very heavy duty 12mm plate.

  • Kits open further than other lambo kits so you don't have to be a Limbo dancer to get in - just look how far they open, and how far clear of the wing the door is - you can see air between the two, meaning no damaged door cards like you get with Honda kits.

New kit fitted to black car below opens far higher than earlier colour change car also below.

Prices are 950 for the kit and 1700 fully installed. Fitting instructions available below.

What is included in the kit:-

Pair on door conversion mechanisms.

Pair of support rams with ram covers.



Lambotek door fully closed

Lambo door starts by opening as per normal door

Then Lambotek door opens upwards

Then a little more

Then Lambotek door is finally fully open

Door fully closed Door opens as normal door to about 22 degrees Then starts to lift up Then a little further Then finally fully open (this was one of the prototypes - new kits open much further as above)



Fitting instructions for the BMW Z3.

Open the bonnet and remove the battery connections. Remove the front wings, and the wing vents.

Remove the checkstraps from the door and the wiring multi-plug.

Whilst the door is easy to work on its worth while to remove the door card.

With the help on an assistant remove the door itself.

Remove the front footwell speakers - this is for access.

Carefully mask up the windscreen and the car itself. The sparks from cutting through the hinge will burn or melt almost anything so be very careful. 

The idea is to cut the large lump on the hinge leaving a flat area which looks quite tidy.

Wearing gloves, goggles and taking extreme care cut the hinge.

Once cut off, we then tidy it up with a hard disc grinder, making the surface as flat as we possibly can. Then we tidy it again with a fibre disc grinder (as below).

The place the door back into position, and bolt the mechanism into place on the door. The holes have to be marked and drilled. Mark and punch the centre of the five mounting holes. Mark the centre because you need the adjustment that this offers.

The black ram supports the weight of the door and must be fitted separately. After fitting the mechanism have an assistant lift the door.

Fit the ram to the bottom fixing, and then have your assistant hold the door at the correct height so that the top fixing aligns with the hole in the arm - bolt it up using the two spacer washers behind the top rose joint.

You can now let go of the door - it will hold itself, and should now lift and lower correctly!

The Lower position adjuster can be set so that when the door is fully down (but not closed) the striker and catch align correctly. Turn the screw clockwise to lift and anti-clockwise to lower the door.

The wings need slight modification to allow the mechanism to clear, as does the bonnet under the vent. They need to be cut as per the photos but you should cut it as required for your particular car.

We recommend cutting, and not snipping and folding because it looks tidier. The wings are thicker than most cars and because of this do not distort provided that you are careful. Keep as much metal as possible.

The wiring needs to be extended. We use 7 core trailer wire for this because it is very durable, and is intended for external use. Because most BMW door wiring is 20-25 wires you need 3 wires. The original mount and grommet can be modified on the car, and cable tied to the arm. Set the wiring as the minimum slack with the door fully open and watch that is does not become jammed when the door is closed.

The wiring should also be secured within the inside of the door (near the speaker), so it can not come loose when the door is in the open position.
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