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Cheap Lambos


Everyone likes a bargain, but a things don't always turn out the way you think. With regard to Lambos you should note that a cheap Chinese or US kit is likely to be a complete nightmare on a daily basis. (These are the kits sold by almost all Ebayers and almost all UK retailers). A cheap kit like this is pictured with full technical explanation on the page cheaplambos. Unfortunately many ebayers lie about the specification of the door kits they offer for sale - we have seen several traders copying the text below and claiming that they are selling quality items - they are not. We keep an eye on ebay and other auction sites, and can clearly state that 95% of all the Lambo kits on ebay are cheap Chinese copies, despite what the sellers claim.

Most of these kits are made in China although some have a very long journey often going from China to suppliers in the US or Japan, before being re-exported to the UK!!

If you intend to use your car daily then your requirements are different to requirements for a show car used once a month. For a trailered show car a cheap kit will be fine, but you will live to regret using such kits if your car is your only form of transport. Before buying a Lambo kit, I advise you ask your potential supplier eleven basic questions:-

  1. Does the kit use bearings for the vertical lift or is it just a piece of metal with a hole in it?
  2. Does your kit use bearings for the Pre-Lift-Opening (Side Opening, before it lifts up) or is it just two pieces of metal with holes in them?
  3. Are your rams adjustable so I can fine tune the balance of my door?
  4. Are your support rams rated for Automotive use?
  5. Are the Rams correctly mounted with the body at the top so they last longer?
  6. Are your support rams covered to protect them from dirt?
  7. Are your support rams heavy duty enough to lift my door at all levels?
  8. Are your backplates made from 12mm steel plate or is it only 6mm, 8mm or 10mm which flexes and wobbles the door? Many traders claim 12mm backplates - get it in writing and when they turn out not to be send them back!!
  9. Does your kit lift the door to the minimum 65 degrees required to comfortably get into the car without back injuries or grazed heads? Does your seller show you a true side shot of the car, or a clever front shot which does not clearly show how high the door opens?
  10. Is there a minimum gap of 1 inch between the door card and pillar at all time so it won't get damaged when I open the door?
  11. Is there a minimum gap of 1 inch between the door and wing at all time during the lift so they won't get damaged?

For a more detailed technical explanation of the significance of the above please check out the new (coming soon) page on here.

If the answer to any one of these questions is NO (or I don't know) then I suggest you look elsewhere because the above factors are what make Lambos what they are to live with. As you might have guessed all Lambotek kits answer YES to all the above questions, and all the cheap kits answer NO to all the above questions. 

Are the photos on your potential suppliers website stolen from US or Japanese websites, meaning that they: do not know how to fit lambos; cannot fit lambos; have never fitted lambos? All fitting pictures on this website have been taken in OUR workshop by OUR staff fitting OUR kits. I you phone with a fitting question we KNOW the answer because we are the most experienced fitting service in the country!!!

Your bargain kit may just work out to be not so much of a bargain after all.

We get approached every single day by someone whom has ordered cheap Lambo Door kits in the honest belief that they are all the same, but whom have found this not to be true - what can I do? is always the question they ask.  My doors won't close properly! or the door doesn't open high enough to get in! or the door catches the pillar/wing are usually one of the sentences uttered. If they have persevered with the doors then it is always a very disappointed voice that says the doors opened to start with but after a few weeks just started to chip the paint and now the door does not close! The answer is almost always - you should have bought a kit with bearings in it - there is little that can be done to improve the poor design of the "bolt kit" sold by most UK traders. Why do we call this a "bolt kit" because the pivot used to support your door is not a bush, nor a bearing but a glorified bolt, and this bolt wears a little every time you open the door. It why we rate it as a show kit - useable 12 times per year and then it needs replacing - most of our customers use their doors 12 times per day!!! That means most of the kits sold on ebay need changing every day, or at best every few days - doesn't seem quite such a bargain does it? For durability you need something altogether better - you need the Lambotek LK500 with 5 main bearings per door on all kits, and up to 9 bearings per side on some kits.

Buy a budget Lambo kit and you are guaranteed to get one of these phrases for free (and often all of them):-

my doors won't close properly! 

or the door doesn't open high enough to get in!

or my door catches the pillar!

it chips the paint every time I close the door!


For just a little more you get a lot more with the Lambotek LK500 kit. We just gave you eleven simple reasons why you should choose Lambotek over other alternatives. If you wish to see cars with Lambos fitted before you buy then please ring us and visit - we always have between 5 and 8 cars in the workshop having Lambos fitted - not all will be finished but you will get to see some in action.

We have three years full time experience designing, fitting, and manufacturing Lambo doors for all sorts of cars. Our Universal Lambotek kits can be fitted to 99% of all cars, vans, and SUV's. For further information about the products please visit our website at or view other items in our eBay shop at . The shop tends to have ready to go (in stock) items and the kits on here are made in batches in response to orders.

Thank you for looking, and if you have any questions then please feel free to contact me.




Avoid VD - what to watch out for.

No-one wants to catch VD, so how do you avoid it? Well for a start avoid any kit that is made from only 10mm steel - its just too flimsy, and avoid any kit with the designation VDI, VDC, VDK or VDA. These types of kits are made very cheaply and imported into the country in large numbers. They are not suited to Daily use, although are fine for show use only (used up to 8 times per year)

This page gives some insight into the cheaper Lambos on the Market. These are made in China for around 75 each, but depending on where you buy them from typically sell for between 300 and 600. We recommend that you avoid these types of kit unless your car is used for shows only (about 12 times per year). If you use your car more than that then just forget it.


What to look for?

The most important thing is that the kits have no bearings!! They are simply a piece of metal with a hole in it.

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