LCD Controller

Box Snap 01Our new LCD controllers are now just about ready to ship. Featuring a 6 row LCD display for set up, pump control, up to 4 stages, and its own integral high precision boost sensor these devices are very simple to install and the menu system makes them a doddle to set up.

Pictures and video to follow shortly.

Reduction in emissions

We just had a great question on our facebook page (HERE) about emissions and water injection. Yes Water Injection really can reduce the emissions on your car. Although we use them primarily for performance reasons the systems can reduce emissions:-

  1. Firstly the water can reduce the combustion temperature which reduces the formation of NOx.
  2. Secondly the water injection can reduce the need for a rich mixture allowing it to be leaned therefore reducing fuel consumption and as a result emissions.
  3. Thirdly water injection also has a cleaning effect upon the engine ensuring a very clean induction system and engine (little gunk or carbon deposits) which maximises efficiency and prevents an increase in emissions due to imperfect conditions as an engine gets older.

The great thing is water itself is an environmentally safe product so has no real downsides – its also very cheap!

4 Stage LCD Controller

We are about to launch our new 4 stage controller for water injection. Full details on the controller page and new pictures and video shortly. This versatile unit is deigned to control water injection solenoids but can actually control many other 12v devices if required (via relay sometimes). If you have unusual requirements then please let us know.

Summer Power Drop

Most of the UK has had a lovely long hot and dry summer. But did you notice your turbo or supercharged car seemed down on power for much of the time?
Maybe you also noticed that on a cool or misty morning or evening the power returned?
Well I did in both my supercharged Mercedes and Turbo charged MINI. This power return in the mist is actually water injection in use. If your power was down in the summer its probably down to the induction charge temperatures. Without using any additional fuel you can get the temperatures down, returning the car to full power all the time and usually additional power, and keeping the engine safer.
Injecting Water in small quantities into your car engine will do wonders.

What is Water Injection

Water and/or methanol injection is a tried and tested method to increase power, reduce detonation and reduce induction charge temperatures for Petrol and Diesel engines. It works particularly well on forced induction engines such as supercharged and turbo charged.

Water induction is almost a must on aftermarket conversions where a non forced induction engine is converted to run a turbo or supercharger. The kits listed here were developed for our own BMW MINI Turbo kits produced from 2001 onwards. They are now being marketed as stand alone products. More details coming soon.