J & B Trading

Tapes for so many applications box sealing, bag sealing, bundling products, sticking items together and so much more.
We do double sided/crossweave HD/paper masking tape/gummed paper tape/adhesive paper tape/book binding tape and much more.
Custom printed tape with your company logo, yet again we can cover all artwork and printing plates with a min run of only 72rolls, and a one off set up charge kept as low as possible.
This is a great and cheap way of advertising your business and looks very professional
once it has been received by your customers...












If your exact requirements are not listed then please do call as I can probably still help. Below list is just a small sample of what we supply:

Hot Melt Glue gun systems

Electric and Pneumatic Glue Guns

Hot melt glue sticks

3 Ply string

Potato Sacks

Sand Bags

Vegetable nets

Corrugated card on the roll

Elastic bands

Newspaper offcuts

Packaging loosefill

Postal tubes

Vanguard Blankets

Document enclosed labels

Paper bags

Dennison tag guns

Bag neck sealers

Double sided tapes

Carton sealing tapes

Polyprop and Vinyl tapes

Paper adhesive tapes

Gummed paper tape

Crossweave tape

Black low tack

Pricing guns and labels

Masking tapes

Floor tapes

Much much more