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Rover 200 Mk 2


The basic product range started with Gti replica bumpers, skirts, grill, and boot spoiler and is currently being expanded to include many other items, including the recently introduced EVO spoiler, and headlight eyebrows.

Rover 400 Gti front bumper

Although this car is a Rover 400 it illustrates the GTi style front bumper (which can be fitted without the black/red etc finishing strip if required). This car also illustrates our Renault 19 Gti style bonnet vent, and Rover front grill.

The kit itself also includes side skirts and rear bumper, plus boot spoilers for both the 200, and 400. 


The bumper has space for fog lights but these are not included. Fog lights are readily available from local motor accessory stores, for under 20.00 including wiring.

Rover 200/400 front bumper
Rover 200/400 Gti style grill

The GTi Grill fits all Rover 200's and 400's, that have not had the Chrome grill fitted (this leaves holes)


Rover 200 Gti style bootlid spoiler, with lower section

The Rover 200 GTi rear bootlid spoiler, comes as the upper part, but the lower section as pictured is also available at the time of order for 20.00 extra.Rover 216 Gti style rear spoiler

Clio style vent for Rover 200/400

Clio style centrally mounted bulge available for 100.00 - simply screws on from below, and can still be bonded for that fully installed look.

EVO spoiler for Rover 400 Rover 400 EVO rear spoiler
Rover 200 Front bumper from Autofashion

The New EVO style rear spoiler is available for the Rover 200/400/Convertible, and Coupe, and is pictured on the 400 above. As with all spoilers some minor modification may be required to fit to your car.

New Cobra kit for Rover 200/400/Coupe/Cabrio

Cobra front bumper for Rover 200 Cobra kit from Autofashion

Front bumper is normally painted, but this particular customer painted his matt black - looks nice, and gives some contrast - not something we would have thought of.

Cobra rear bumper, and Gti spoiler Cobra rear bumper
Cobra kit for Rover 200 from Autofashion Cobra kit on Rover 200 Coupe
Basic COBRA kit includes front bumper, side skirts, and rear bumper.

Optional extras include the upper rear screen spoiler, and EVO spoiler as pictured.

M3 mirrors, and bulldog mesh grill (not pictured) are also available to complete the package.


Mark 2 Rover 200 


Front GTi style Bumper 


Rear GTi style Bumper


GTi Sideskirts


Toothed Grill 


GTi style Boot spoiler


GTi style Boot spoiler Lower section (at time or ordering main spoiler)



 EVO Spoiler


 Twin Headlight Conversion


 Twin Tailight Conversion


Cobra Kit
Front Bumper 225.00
Rear Bumper 225.00
Side Skirts 180.00

All prices currently include VAT, and UK mainland Postage and Packaging and are subject to change without notice, and you should check current prices before ordering. 

  Animal kit currently under development - see Animal Pages.


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