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Phoenix Conversion

50,000 super car for just 3500.00

This site is newly updatedThe Phoenix body conversion for the XJ40 is a product that is exclusive to Custom Parts Limited. It has been developed from a conversion we have regularly carried out at our workshops, on customers cars. Recent re-development has meant that whilst we are still able to carry out the conversions we are now able to offer a DIY package to customers, allowing them to undertake the work themselves, and thus opening this conversion up to a far larger audience.


The XJ40 is a car that represents unparalleled value for money at the moment, with sound MOT'd cars selling for well below 100. All models offer excellent equipment, pace and reliability, but the styling is at best described as dated, and is considered by many as ugly. The new Phoenix conversion changes all of that, in one easy step.

It is a simple mostly bolt-on restyling exercise which results in the car looking like a brand new XJ8. Sounds too good to be true?



The conversion works because although every outer body shell panel is different on the XJ40, and X300, when Jaguar developed the X300 they started with the same shell, and "face lifted it" making it more rounded and more like the classic shape of the "old" series I,II,III XJ6. However since the basic underlying shell, is the same, and the doors almost the same it is possible to convert the external appearance of the XJ40 to a very accurate replica of the X300.

We first saw the potential for this conversion a few days after we saw our first X300, and within months had developed a package allowing us to convert the car. It took hundreds and hundreds of hours and many thousands of pounds worth of Jaguar panels (7000) to complete the conversion, because none of the X300 panels will fit on the XJ40. Using our own brackets, adapters, and modifying many panels we were able to complete a number of these conversions, and were fortunate enough to have it featured in the Jaguar Enthusiast Magazine. These early conversions were entirely in metal.

We have now completed re-development of the package, and have taken moulds from the last car we completed, so that we can now produce a composite package allowing customers to conduct their own conversions.

The kit includes a front bumper, rear bumper, front wings, bonnet, bootlid, rear end conversion panel, grill, and headlight pods. These panels are direct replacements for the original items, and bolt onto the original mountings. Only the rear conversion panel must be bonded onto the car. All mouldings are top quality composites with kevlar reinforcement in key areas. They are supplied in a gloss black finish which simply needs sanding and priming in the normal manner.

The only items that you need to purchase in addition to the conversion kit are : Front and rear bumper chrome blades, grill inserts, rear taillights, badges. We are happy to supply these items, or you can purchase them directly from your local Jaguar dealer at what is quite surprisingly realistic prices. We are also able to supply high quality second hand spares (cars that are stripped at scrap yards are still very new), or you may get them from Classic Components (01325) 722777, or a number of other companies advertising in the Jaguar Magazines.


The conversion is a relatively straight forward DIY job. You simply remove the front and rear bumpers (2 bolts each), bonnet (6 bolts), bootlid (4 bolts), front wings headlights, taillights, and grill. This can be done in as little as 1.5 hours.

The next job is to replace all the panels you have removed with your new Phoenix panels. These are direct replacements, and should fit onto the existing mounts. It should be noted that like all replacement panels, there may be an element of adjustment of holes, and mounts but the replacement process is really pretty straight forward. The secret with this conversion is in the adjustment of the panels, so that they have even gaps all round. Time spent at this stage getting it right really is worth while in the end. If you have an assistant to help lifting the panels, some of which are heavy you should be able to reach this stage within a day. The bootlid conversion panel must be fixed to the car, and then bonded on. The joints between the old and new panel are simply blended with filler once the bonding has fully cured.

At this stage you may choose to send the car to a paint shop for painting or may reduce the paintwork bill slightly by preparing the panels yourself. The key to painting fibreglass is the key. The panels must be very very well sanded for the paint to "key" or grip the panels. We recommend only 2 pack products which are not viable in most cases for home painting, and the use of etch primers, to aid adhesion. All panels should be wet sanded with 240 grit wet'n'dry paper until all the gloss in every nook and cranny is gone - you should end up with matt black panels. 


The entire conversion can be completed for around 2500.00 if you are working on a very strict budget and undertake the bodywork preparing yourself, although a more normal cost might be around 3500.00.

The Phoenix conversion kit, is being offered at a limited introductory offer price of 1500.00 for the mouldings, inclusive of VAT and (Mainland UK) postage. In addition to that the additional items will cost around 350.00. Paintwork can be conducted for anything from 600.00, to around 2000.00, depending upon the bodyshop, and condition of you vehicle. 

Base vehicles cost from around 1000.00 to 7000.00. As with all project you should get the best one that you can afford, as it will cost more to put things right on a bad one than to just buy a good one. The cars to go for are 3.6/4.0 with leather, alloys and preferably Sovereign. There is normally very little price difference between well equipped and less well equipped cars. service history is very very worthwhile.


You can order in a number of ways. You may fax, phone or Email your order. All conversion kits are made to order, so once you place your order you will be given an approximate delivery date although you should not book a bodyshop or other specialist until you have actually received your kit. Payment is by cheque, for UK customers and bank transfer for Overseas. Products will not be dispatched until cleared payment has been received. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions not answered on the website.

Probably the hardest part of the conversion process is the rear end conversion which is why there are a couple of photos below to explain what takes place.

The rear section must be cut around the taillights and replaced with the GRP panel which is bonded onto the car. This allows the use of the new rear lights, and bootlid. The rest of the conversion involves direct replacement of panels.


Phoenix conversion - removing the arse end The rear end removed ready for the new panel.
The new rear panel - You can see the light appertures The rear panel for the Phoenix conversion

This is a a special order kit which will take from 12-16 weeks to make.

Deposit payable with order, Balance when kit ready to ship.

More details and photos soon.


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