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Other Kits

Over the past few years we have fitted every Lambo kit we know of. Below is our own comments based on that experience.

Decah VDC Kit.

This kit is the US produced Decah Kit. This is probably the original kit for this purpose and is the kit used on US cars for a couple of years now. You have seen cars fitted with this kit on the covers of Max Power, Revs, Banzai, Performance BMW, and pictured within show reports in most other mags. Its a little bulky but is very very easy to fit. If you have a Honda Civic then this is very easy to fit. They only make Civic kits so you have to modify it for everything else. These kits are a genuine bolt on fit, which can actually be removed and fitted to another car later if required. They can honestly be fitted in around 10-15 hours with no painting required (Civic). We keep these in stock and they cost 1250 inc vat and post, or 1500 fully fitted. Cheap paint is electroplated and flakes off quickly - they need painting if they are going to last. In the US Decah's own demonstration cars had door cars catching on the A pillars - if they cannot get them to clear you are not going to either!

Import Precision VLS Kit.

This kit is another US produced one. A more recent addition to the market this kit is less well known but seems to work OK on some cars. We believe this kit was used on a car in Redline a few months ago. These kits are supposed to be a genuine bolt on fit, which can actually be removed and fitted to another car later if required - although the last one took 6 days!!. Manufacturers claim they can be fitted in around 6 hours with no painting required (Mitsubishi 3000GT, GTO). This was not our experience. Ram fouled mechanism, and had to be redesigned, mechanism fouled car and both had the be redesigned, mechanism fouled on itself and had to be redesigned. Plated finish is hard to paint well.  Doors open to bizarre angle on all cars, and whilst it is a matter of opinion the bizarre angle does not look cool. We keep these in stock and they cost 1400 inc vat and post, or 2000 fully fitted. Chips on the door on the Redline car at SEMA indicate the kit does not fit all that well.


This kit opens further than most of the kits available and looks good too - further details soon. There are no specific applications though so like Decah kits they all need modifying to fit any car - this is much harder on these kits because they have to be welded. This was fine 2 years ago, but not now when an increasing range of dedicated fit kits and kits that are both better and at the same time cheaper. Plated finish hard to paint properly. 1500 or 2000 fitted. Impressive showing at SEMA with a kit that fitted nicely and was pretty sturdy - but that weld-on fitting has to be precise and may take numerous attempts to get right. Fitting is really difficult on this kit. Bootlid rams used on this kit are also a cause for great concern. GTF copies now prevalent in UK market. Not as well made but all the same advantages/disadvantages. Absolutely the best thing about these kits is the fact that on many cars they can open up to 90 degrees.


German kit seems to have been evolved from the Daddy - the Decah kit. Take the quite cheaply made Decah kit and apply German engineering (bearings and gussets) - the result is the Lambo Style Door kit or LSD. Only down side is the doors do not open very far at all - LSD claim only 40 degrees on their own website. Limbo dancers only. Good option and easy fit to VW's, which can be troublesome with any other kit. Promises of new products very very slow to materialise. Supply 1200 Fitted 1500. This kit is not one to live with on a daily basis, due to the poor angle the door opens to - works well with good balance and easy operation (due to shallow angle).

Eurotek LSD

Copy of above made in Belgium. Prices to be provided soon. Same problems with the angle. Quality may not be up to original.

Decah Copies

Beware of very dangerous copies of the Decah kit sold by a couple of UK companies - these break in use. We have seen welds fail, and cracks appear on the mechanism. We have now changed several dodgy kits for the superior lambotek design. Manufacturer claims they are made in China or Japan but we doubt it - most likely poorly made in UK. They are not even much cheaper than Lambotek kits. Certainly not worth loosing a limb over!


The Autoloc Lambo door kit is the hardest on the market to fit, and we would never fit one again!. Autoloc make many fabulous products, and we use their keyless entry and solenoid kits on many cars, but the Lambo kits are sheer junk, in our opinion. Best avoided.


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