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In White

Hybrid rear bumper is assembled

and then filled and sanded

loads of work later and its ready to prime

The rear bumper is what we call a Hybrid. Some people like to make themselves sound skilled and call it a one-off but it really isn't. It's a Hybrid - a combination of two bumpers - a bumper designed for one car and made to fit another.

About 99% of all the bumpers described in magazines as one-offs are actually hybrids.

You can't see it very well in the first pics, but the BMW MINI Animal rear bumper is cut in half and made wider, and then joined to a Peugeot 106 bumper. This gives the new style and an easy fit. The central rudder is then added so it matches the style of the rest of the car, and the animal arches extended into the bumper using extra arch pieces.

Once filled and sanded its ready to prime.

The whole car is ready to prime

Shell ready to prime

looks good once primed

really starting to take shape

Once the shell is sanded and filled it is then as always ready to prime. In this case as on many cars we use about 5 litres of high quality, high build primer. We coat all repairs with three coats and then three coats over the whole shell. Thus the flat pieces have a total of three coats and any repairs/modifications have six coats. The secret when putting this amount of primer on is to use a quality product (we have been using the same primer for the past 10 years - its a bit more expensive but its very good indeed), and to allow the primer and filler underneath to cure fully. If we have the opportunity we like to stand the car for a week before flatting the primer down so that everything can settle, shrink, and cure fully. We didn't have the luxury of time in this case and it showed. The car was given a temporary coat of white primer, and then clear lacquer so it could go to Donny 2003.

Being painted for Donny

being painted

Waiting for the paint to cure All done just waiting to cure
Even the customer lends a hand Mad rush as Andy needs to be on his way. Putting these cars back together always seems to take so much longer then stripping them.

Andy is absolutely delighted with the car, as customers usually are - you can tell when they just can't stop smiling.

After a short run to test everything clears and a couple of photos Andy is straight off to Donny.

First test run once assembled All done - time to rest
Standard car shows just how much has been changed standard car looks puny


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