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Mitsubishi FTO

The ALL NEW LK500 Lambotek conversion kit for the Mitsubishi FTO is the best ever. As part of our continuous development program the LK300 has evolved into the LK500. The kit now has 5 bearings in each mechanism for a smooth, consistent, and light operation. Due to improvements it has also now been made to open higher, and the door to wing gap has been increased for better door card clearance, as you can see here.

This kit is a direct bolt-on conversion for the FTO, and can be reversed later if required.

The main pivots use bearings for durability, and the heavy duty rams are fully adjustable, and correct automotive grade rams. Most parts are CAD CAM and CNC for accuracy.

The kit is supplied in transit primer and we recommend that it is colour coded to match your car as has been done here, as it looks so much better and also offers rust proofing.

The cars pictured below feature a range of Lambotek kits including the LK100, and LK300 kits. Both of these have now been superseded by the LK500 kit pictured above.

The Price has also been reduce to 750 for the kit and 1700 fully installed.

Just completed is Alistair Stewarts Silver Lambotek equipped FTO.

Fitted by a local bodyshop Alistair is well impressed with the attention the car now gets, and very kindly sent us these photos.

20 inch wire wheels not to everyone's taste but definitely a talking point. Only problem is that they really slow the car down.

When the car arrived it needed a twenty point turn because the wheels caught so badly. When it left this had been dealt with although it did need cutting and welding of the inner wing to do so.

Above left you can see the kit installed and without the wing. This allows adjustment. The wing must be trial fitted many times before  the adjustments are finished.

Above you can see one of the prototypes installed, on an unroadworthy old scrapper. You can also see the support ram in position. Newer kits have a full taper roller bearing to reduce wobble when open.

Now with the wing fitted. This is as far as the doors can open on an FTO due to the shape of the wing. This is not a problem and the car is very easy to get into. This is much much further than the Civic kits coming from America which only open to 45 degrees.

For even better access look at the LK500 kit above.

Once the door covers the dash, there is no advantage to having the door open any further since it does not liberate any additional space. 





Turbo conversion kits for your 6A12 (2 litre V6) Mitsubishi FTO.

This fabulous low boost (up to 8 psi) will work fabulously without having to open your engine. Fully reliable with intercooler, and additional fuel, this conversion will pass emissions checks and can boost the power of these great little cars to around 300 bhp!!! Prices from 3114 (supply), plus fitting if required.

Kit includes everything needed, inc T25 turbo (Ball bearing turbo available at extra cost), all plumbing and pipes, intercooler, additional fuel injectors and controller. This kit can be fitted by an average competent mechanic.

The Mitsubishi V6 engine is very tight to work on, and because of this the Turbo kit is also a little harder than most cars, and will take a little longer. the kit is single Turbo with crossover pipe. Its very effective at converting a nippy little car into a very fast one, and worth all the effort.



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