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Mini Convertible

For this project we will be tackling all cosmetic aspects of the Mini. We are starting with a pretty good Mini. It is white and is an E reg car. Whilst there are a few bits of minor restoration to be done the shell appears to be one of the best for its age, and is a very sound basis for the project.

The first job will be to make the car into a convertible. This will utilise a new design of hoodframe that we have been working on, and will follow normal Malibu Convertible conversion process using the same kit that we supply to our customers for the Mini conversion.

A slightly modified MAJIC bodykit will be fitted, after the car has been de-seamed. The car is to be painted pearlescent blue, with a mohair hood, and full leather interior. Watch this space for progress reports.

At the end of the first week, the car is a drivable (just) convertible, with most strengthening, and all deseaming welding done. Next we have the finishing of the edges, fitting of the kit, and many other jobs to complete. Brand new Heritage doors already fitted.
Deseaming welding done, most strengthening in, and roof removed.
Stripped down inc screen Brand new heritage doors fitted "fairly" well


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