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Max Power Live 2000

I've never previously been to this show myself, but reports from last year from the local boys was not good. But you have to see these things for yourself. I can see why they didn't think that much to it - 15.00 to get in plus 5.00 for outside pass, is definitely not cheap - and the show is pretty small, compared to most events, but I enjoyed it.

Seeing over a dozen cars wearing our products helped enormously. The AKK Black Escort which is entirely our stuff, looked as good as ever - especially now its got a shiny engine, and following the feature in Performance Ford is due for a feature in Max Power. Two AKK BMW's also with our kit on looked equally good. Forgot to photograph these - what a dummy - anyone got any photos?

I've seen loads of kits for Mk3 Cavaliers, but none that I thought looked any good except this one.


Rear door handles on the front trick always works well.

I've seen this E36 featured and it doesn't do it justice. For me this was the car of the show.  Along with the Silver R5 Turbo.







These two were out to get noticed - but then aren't we all?

Mirage WRC bodykit from Autofashion WRC front bumper from Autofashion
Mk5 style doorskins from Autofashion WRC Tailgate spoiler from Autofashion
Mk5 style bonnet for Mk4 Escort only from Autofashion

I have to admit I am biased on this one cos we built this for a customer featuring our new door skins, and bonnet. 

Its one of the most special Mk4 Escorts around, especially with Severn Valleys workmanship under the bonnet.

Still recon it looks good even if it is a little old.






Peugeots have some nice spoilers.

This Renault 5 Turbo was featured on the Cover of Max Power - and deservedly so. Really is equally best car along with E36.

Superb interior, Superb engine, Good Bodywork - what more can you say.




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