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Golk Mk4


New Golf Mk4 kit allows the use of large wheels. One of the problems with the Golf has always been packaging - the front of the door is very close to the front wheel, leaving little room for the support ram. The result is normally a door that only open to about 40 degrees (the only other Lambo for the Golf we know about is a half lambo conversion that only opens to 40 degrees). Second packaging problem has always been that the mechanism gets very close to the wing when it opens, which is another reason few people can get the door past 40 degrees. The Lambotek kit is so good it overcomes both these problems in one hit.

The Lambotek kit has been completely re-designed using our split mount design and now lifts nice and high, and is nice and light. Its also at the same superb price of only 750. The ram is fully covered and correctly mounted and should last for a long time. The kit includes our unique 5 bearing per side design for durability and smooth operation. The Lambotek LK500 Golf kit lifts high and we do versions for both 2 door and 4 door cars.

The standard indicator on the Golf is too deep and interferes with the Lambo mechanism so it must be replaced with a different indicator (above). We supply the stainless infill plate above which can be fitted and left in the old recess or welded and flushed if required.

The wiring on the Golf must be extended and its position slightly moved up and rerouted via the sunroof drain hole to clear the arm.

As with all Lambotek conversions the door card does NOT touch the pillar and the door does NOT touch the wing as it open. It may surprise you to find that this is not the case with all Lambo doors!!

This kit even keeps the wheel arch liners in place (below) which helps ram life, and keeps the car clean.

The kit includes everything you need to convert the front two doors of your Golf:-

Two Lambo door conversion mechanisms.

Two support rams with covers.

Wiring for extensions (must be soldered in).

Gas ram adjusting tool.

Mounting bolts.


There are no special tools required beyond normal sockets, spanners, screwdrivers, and as on all modern cars a set of torx bits, but an extra hole must be drilled in the inner wing for mounting the kit, and a holesaw will make this easier and smarter.

We recommend that all wiring extensions are soldered and not crimped using unreliable terminals


The only thing on the golf that complicates the installation is that VW in their wisdom decided that the standard hinges should be bolted from under the dashboard! This does increase the time taken to strip the car down, and to rebuild it after conversion.

Fully fitted price is 1700 including colour coding the kit to match your car, or get the kit and fit it yourself for 750.

The conversion is fully reversible if needed.


The 4 door car has smaller doors which do offer a little less room to enter the car, although still perfectly adequate.

Customers with 4 door cars often opt for suicide doors on the rear which we also offer as kits or fully installed. The Golf's sweeping back door line would not make suicide doors an easy option.


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