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Fiesta Mk3

Animal Fiesta Mk3 Kit

Launched almost 5 years ago the Fiesta was the second of our Animal kits. The kit includes front bumper (with optional lower splitter), a skirt and arch kit (with optional side splitters), rear bumper (with optional splitter), and rear spoiler which is located at the top of the tailgate.

The whole theme of the kit is the aggressive ducts and scoops which have been imported from oriental cars of late, but with a definite EURO angle.

Our unique fitting system (and instructions!!) ensure that even a beginner can get a good tight shut line.

Special Offer limited availability on Front Bumpers Normal Price 250, offer price 175.         


Kevin Mackays Fiesta Mk3 animal kitted car as featured within Fast Car. Using one-off development skirts and rear bumper it does differ slightly from production items. Car features front bumper, front splitter, Animal vent, arches, Animal 2 skirts, Animal 2 rear bumper, and an Animal/Orimental tailgate spoiler.

With Alfa pearl paint and mirror tinted windows the car really does stand out even at a cruise.

Animal kit

Full animal kit and DTM mirrors

Full animal kit from Autofashion Animal kit from Autofashion
Craigs van features the full animal kit including front, and rear bumpers, arches, skirts, and rear spoiler. Only the splitters are not fitted. The rear number plate is a temporary measure whilst the correct one is made. Just some bigger wheels and a few other details to go. car with Animal front bumper Animal front bumper, RS2000 skirts, EVO 5 bonnet vent, Mondeo Est rear spoiler, and DTM mirrors

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Animal front bumper for Fiesta Mk3 Look at the blue Fiesta above and left and you will see how well a customer can get the bumper to fit. Its enough to make many of our competitors jealous.

A nice tight gap around the headlights and wings, is due to the unique fitting system we use on these and other bumpers.

Just needs some nice mesh to finish it off like the car below...

Animal front bumper on Mk3 Fiesta - only from Autofashion Animal front bumper, and RST arches/skirts
As you can see the Animal front bumper can also be used with the XR2i/Turbo style arches/skirts. 

The mesh really does finish it off quite nicely.

Animal front bumper and Splitter
Animal rear bumper for Fiesta Mk3 Animal F3 rear bumper from Autofashion

Full kit photos available very soon.

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The front and rear bumpers for the animal kits, fit as per the originals, and are simply drilled and screwed into the edges of the wings, as per ford. Additional supports are fitted to the front and rear panels, for extra security. The hard to access standard fittings are not used, and all bumpers come oversize on the top to ensure that everyone can have a professional looking tight gap on every car.

The arches, are fully enclosed double skinned items, which are simply drilled and screwed from inside the wings. Sideskirts are fitted inside the door step, and into the ends of the sills. All items have been designed with ease of fitting in mind.

Please do not confuse the Animal kit with inferior copies available elsewhere - these kits are the ultimate in quality of manufacture, and fit!!! 

and they won't break the bank!

Fiesta Mk3 Animal Kit



Front Bumper - Special Offer limited availability Normal Price 250, offer price 175.


Front Splitter


Side Skirts


Side Skirt Splitters (set 4)


Wheel Arches (set 4) - basic arches, deluxe arches also available


Rear Bumper


Rear Splitter


Boot Spoiler


4 Piece Kit (Front and Rear Bumpers and skirts)


Full Kit (15 piece as above) - Internet Special Price




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