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What exactly is a Lambo Door?  

The term Lambo door is a fairly new one. These doors are also  known as scissor doors, or vertical opening doors, (and sometimes incorrectly as gullwing or butterfly doors). Essentially the doors open upwards in the general style of that used on most Lamborghini's.  

What is the Lambo door Conversion?   It is a kit that allows you to convert your normal side opening doors into Lambo Doors. It includes a mechanism and fitting items that basically replace your standard hinges. The Handles (or lack of them), locks and strikers remain unchanged.
Do I get new doors with the Kit?   No you use your existing doors and our replacement mechanism.
I have a Convertible (or 4 door, or Estate or 4WD or sports car) - can I have Lambo doors?   Yes. If your car has doors then you can almost certainly have Lambo doors. The conversion changes the way that the doors operate and nothing else.
Is it Safe in an accident if I roll the car?   Rolling a car is never safe! Lambo doors open in the conventional way for about 20 degrees before they lift up. This does allow enough to exit the car if required.
Can I buy spares for the kits?   Lambotek kits are UK sourced and take a little less. In both cases spare parts can only be ordered with the original order details, so keep them safe. Old parts must be returned if you need spare parts. They are both very well made and should need no spares unless damaged in an accident.
I could just make a Lambo door kit myself couldn't I?   Possibly - possibly not. Each mechanism requires a total of about 40 separate parts, some Laser cut, many CNC milled, lathed, turned, and tapped to very high tolerances. Then of course there is our own Custom Door Support Air Spring which you can not buy elsewhere! The development of this kit took a total of 12 fully working prototypes over a 9 month period. Given time and money you probably could make one, but you certainly could not make it cheaper than the 750 we charge for the kit.
Can I fit the kit myself?   The kits are not difficult to fit. They require general tools (screwdrivers, spanners, and an electrical crimper).

The various Lambotek kits vary but some need to be fitted by a competent welder to install the mounting plate on weld-on versions, after which the fitting procedure is little different than the bolt-on kits (some welding is required onto the doors of many cars). We budget around 15-30 hours to fit depending upon application.

With all kits it is the adjusting that takes most of the time.

If I get in trouble who can help me?   As with all our products - you can phone and we will talk you through the fitting procedure. All phone calls are received via our bodyshop so the people who sell you these items and whom advise you are the same ones that actually fit them. 

If you cannot complete the instillation yourself you are welcome to bring your car to us and we will sort it out for you, although this is very unlikely as it is very straightforward.

Who could fit the conversion for me?   We could - Our bodyshop is in Norfolk. Bolt-on kits can be fitted the same day (on some applications), and Weld-on kits normally over 2-3 days (sometimes up to a week ).

Alternatively most competent bodyshops should be able to fit either kits. You need to be able to weld to a high standard, and also to be able to "gap" a door.

Can I have Lambo doors on the back of my car?   Not really. The mechanism would either prevent you from getting in the front door, or else would catch on the rear wheel if you reversed it. You could have Lambo front doors and conventional rear ones, or Suicide doors like on the Scooby on the cover of MAX recently.
Do they wobble when open?   Yes a little. This is the same as a genuine Lamborghini - certainly no worse. Because the pivots are so far away from the door, which is very heavy a little play in the pivot (to allow it to move freely) translates into some wobble when fully open. All kits have safety stops to prevent the door from hitting the bodywork. Lambotek kits are the most stable kits - far better than imported kits.
Do the rams/springs last?   Yes if kept clean. They only fail if dirt gets on the shaft and kills the seals - make sure you keep them clean. Lambotek kits can include ram shields to help further.
How do I order?   Simply phone or email your name, address and telephone number. Payment is by cheque or bank transfer.
Are they in stock?   Normally but we have been struggling to keep them in stock due to demand. Phone for latest information.
What is the difference between a weld-on kit and a bolt-on kit?   Nothing. The mechanism itself is identical. The weld-on kit contains a couple of extra items which convert the car to accept a bolt-on kit. These extra items need to be welded to the car and/or door to enable the kit to be fitted. Many European cars need the conversion carried out, since they have weld-on hinges as standard - obviously you cannot bolt a kit to a hinge that was originally welded. 
Why are US sourced kits (most of the kits advertised in the mags by competitors) so much cheaper? Surely they must be crap?  

They can be. The situation is worse because many kits offered in the mags these days are counterfeit poor quality copies of poor quality originals. When sourcing kits from America please remember that more of the cost of your kit goes to people in the supply chain, and for import duty, freight, and huge US liability insurance costs, than goes to actually making your kit!!!!

Kits are made in US by a manufacturer (who makes a profit and pays large insurance premiums), whom then sells it to the company marketing the items (who also makes a profit and pays large insurance premiums). This company then sells it either to you or more likely to another distributor (who also makes a profit and pays large insurance premiums). The items then have to be transported to the UK. The UK government then levies a charge of 21.6% in import duty and import vat on the items (this is charged on top of everyone's profit and on the freight charges). If you are lucky the kit then comes to you - if not it goes to the UK company selling the items which will also need to make money. The net result is a very expensive item, with no increase in quality.

This is why superior quality UK manufactured items are cheaper.

What about my interior lights/alarm?   The Courtesy light switch fitted to some European cars will have to be moved. This switch operates the interior lights and alarms on some cars.

Most Japanese vehicles have these located at the rear of the door and they will not have to be moved.

Most BMW's have them built into the door handle and catch assembly and they do not need any modifications at all.

Most Fords, Vauxhalls, Citroens, Peugeots, Fiats,,, have them located at the front of the door. If they stay where they are they will be damaged the first time you close the door. They should be moved (very easy) to the Jap style position at the back of the door near to the catch. Each car is different so you will have to establish the best position for your car.

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