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Copies of Our Kits


Please note that if and when we find illegal copies of our kits listed on ebay or other auction sites we ALWAYS have them removed. If these conmen do not get the message by a simple report and removal then we will are always happy to bring about legal proceedings which include large costs.

If you are a retail customer tempted to purchase illegal copies then you should be aware you may not be able to sell the products or the vehicle via ebay without legal action. If you are a genuine customer then we invite you to contact us directly prior to listing with your order refence number to prevent us from having the listing removed.

We will similarly protect our intellectual property if infringed in other media.



    A Competitor (they wish) which famously copied our Majic kit around 9 years ago (and has now copied another company for its Phase 2 kit) has now finally admitted that they copied it - in the latest advert they state "the most copied Mini kit in the world" - yes you copied 100% of the kit, and that does make it totally copied. Same as your Porsche, Nissan and BMW kits then!

If only you had the integrity to copy the quality and specification of the worlds best selling Mini Majic Kit then you might sell more than a handful of kits every year, and you might be able to afford premises or staff!!!!!

We credit the intelligence of our customers to see through the bullshit that is so liberally splattered into the bowl of life by other companies. Some of the bull is so over hyped and given credit by those whom should know better that some people may be duped into take it as some form of truth. To those people we would like to point out the following:-

  1. The Majic kit was designed in 1996 and went into production in 1997, as the world's first sportspack derived bodykit for the Original Mini. Whilst there are those whom would like to claim the credit for the design, they cannot turn back the clock - this kit was sold in both Mini Magazine and Mini World  ONE YEAR before overpriced, and over-hyped alternatives came along from other sources. Look at the mags, they don't lie. We have not had to reprint them!! It is a known and proven fact that Phil Chapman invented the Sportspack derived Mini Bodykit.

  2. This same company that claims our Majic kit as its own design also claims to have designed the AC Schnitzer CLS2 kit, several Strosek designs, one Porsche design and one BMW design. And remarkably all those designs were in production with other companies before this person designed them!!! Do you see a pattern emerging??

  3. We run a genuine company with both staff and proper premises. Some of our competitors it may surprise you to know have NEITHER!! If you have any concerns about the quality of your product then I suggest that you come and visit, and collect your item in person. That way you will be able to inspect the product before parting with any money. Our bodyshop address/map is available on the contact us button.

  4. Those whom trade out of their back garden will not offer you this option. You may be given the option of meeting them in a lay-by or at a hotel, supermarket or at another companies bodyshop, but you will not normally be able to collect directly.

  5. Some competitors charge an outrageous (and totally illegal) 50% restock fee to try and persuade you not to return products when you finally see what you get.

  6. One such company spends more time complaining about its own agents and customers, that attempting to achieve anything positive.  Indeed this company devotes a large proportion of its own website to such mad ranting. Any company whom goes to such incredible lengths to criticise its own agents, must have its judgement called into question for allocating those people as agent in the first place. Remember a few months ago these people would have been "the dogs bollocks", and recommended to you if  you wanted to place orders - now they are scoundrels and criminals apparently - I wonder what changed them so quickly? Perhaps they just saw the truth!

  7. Some companies offer wide arch kits, and tell you the correct way to fit them is to cut away all the strength of the car by removing the outer metalwork and bonding on fibreglass - that way it a replacement panel apparently. It is not. This policy is both incredibly dangerous and totally illegal for road use - DO NOT DO IT. When you rely on a dress maker to design automotive products you will end up with this sort of disaster - its only a matter of time before someone is killed, in our opinion.

  8. We do not lie about the construction or try to confuse you by telling you they are plastic, or composite. Some companies try to tell you they use Carbon fibre in the kit - When they do not. They also try to tell you that it is composite and that means in has Carbon fibre or Kevlar in it - They often do not. Some companies try to tell you that the kits are Plastic - When they are G.R.P. (glass re-enforced plastic, better known as fibreglass, or glass fibre, and in Europe as Polyester after the resin used to make it). Why are they so embarrassed about the fact that their products are fibreglass that they try to confuse customers into believing otherwise?

  9. All our fibreglass is correctly manufactured using the correct materials. All products are double gelled for waterproofing and durability - some companies, including some very well known ones do not even use Gel !! This causes blisters, and paint release. Tight curves are then filled using 6mm-12mm long chopped strands in the resin. Next comes two layers of matt at 4oz, (which is between 2 and 4 times as thick as most competitors). All known competitors would then be finished - we are not. We then back gel the component to prevent long term problems with durability. We use first grade mat, and first grade original resin, from quality UK suppliers. All products are manufactured in the UK. The end result is that our product is up to twice as thick, but up to half the cost - all our prices include postage. We have measured products from competitors making both cheaper and more expensive copies of our products, and they seem to vary between 1.25mm and 2.5mm thick. When we measured our own products they tend to vary between 5mm and 6mm!!!

  10. We do not normally get into this type of criticism of other companies, and prefer on the whole to just get on with our business, but we hear so many horror stories that we saw no option but to put the record straight. As the world's leading supplier of Mini bodykits (we believe we have supplied more than anyone else in the History of the product) we are often the subject of petty jealousy from those whom would aspire to be our competitors - now if they could only move out of the back garden we might actually get some competition!!!

  11. The particular backyard trader mentioned above has now seen fit to add to his range of copy kits, and has added another Mini kit (lets call it the BJ2 to compliment lets call it the Original Majic copy the BJ) . Trouble is this is once again a copy of a better quality kit. Originally marketed back at the turn of the century by a company called Radcor near Attleborough in Norfolk and known as the Retaliator, the kit has seen very minor reworking of the vents - the outline of front and rear bumper is a direct copy, as are the arches and the entire sideskirt!

  12. It's no wonder this company chose a name so similar to a well known photocopier manufacturer given that its main activity is copying other peoples work!!!


NOTE:-We do not sub contract manufacture of our fibreglass out to the cheapest bidder as one "competitor" does. This only leads to low quality, and 400% margins (yes you read that correctly) leads to vastly overpriced products. We offer the best spec. fibreglass in the market at some of the best prices, which results in absolutely the best value for money.


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