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Special Offers on Rear bumpers at the moment - only 175 inc Mainland UK P&P.

(Normal Price 225)

E36 Animal Coupe on 20's - click project pages for build details

Animal kitted E36 as fitted by Autofashion on cover of Fast Car magazine on 19's - click project pages for build details.

Convertible Animal in USA in Performance BMW on 18's

Miks BMW E36 on 20's Built by Autofashion
The full animal kit Animal kitted Beemer on 20's

Rob's E36 Animal

Animal Kitted Cabrio in NY

Rob's E36 Animal

Rob's E36 Animal

The Red Car above has been fitted with the Animal Front bumper, Rear Bumper, and Sideskirts, along with some M3 mirrors. The red really contrasts well against the large open ducts on the bumpers.

Danny's E36 Animal

Dans E36 with autofashion bodykit

The Black car above is the one that sparked it all off. This car was featured on the cover of Performance BMW and was also featured in Fast Car. All the development was done on this car, which started off as a very basic 318i. In the feature the car has custom built front and rear bumpers, and sideskirts. It was later returned for Twin Taillights, wide arches, and other work, and should be featured again soon.

Notice the front arches Animal kit designed and fitted by Autofashion








The arches and taillights make this Animal look even wilder. The products fitted are all exclusive Autofashion products and were fitted by Autofashion staff, although prep and paint was unfortunately done elsewhere.

Animal kit fitted by Autofashion Arches made to clear 19's
Arches custom made by autofashion to clear 19's The colour on this car looks fantastic, and from a distance the car looks absolutely superb. 

However when you look close up you can see that the preparation underneath the paint really is somewhat less than perfect, and is a clear illustration of why you should have this type of work done by someone with experience of fibreglass.

The best paint sprayer in the world may not be the best person to prepare your kit.

The arches were specifically designed and fitted by Autofashion to clear the 19 inch wheels fitted to the car.

Miks E36 Animal

Mik's red E36 Coupe is FULL of ICE. A regular visitor to the cruises the car has already been featured in Revs, and is highly likely to be featured again once Autofashion have finished.

Mik fitted the bumper himself but the car is now scheduled to come to Autofashion for the full Animal kit - everything we now do!

You won't miss this car when its finished. 

Check out the project car pages for more up to date information. Also check out Miks own website on

More pictures of Joe's metalflake 3 series can be found at with its animal skirts

 watch for features soon.


ANIMAL E36 Price List



Front Bumper


Front Splitter


Side Skirts


Rear Bumper - Special Limited Offer Price 175.00


Rear Splitter


Wide Arches (advanced fit only)


Rear Screen Spoiler (coupe only)


Bootlid Spoiler arch type


Twin Taillights (coupe only)




Full kits (Front and Rear bumpers and skirts)


Comprehensive kit (14 piece as above)




Orimental Rear Spoiler


Bi-plane rear spoiler


Orimental (round) bootspoiler




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